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girls love breakcore

2008-08-04 18:58:17 by BacterialBag 8219

Only uploaded 1 crap breakblahblahcoreblahdieblahblahsong fyi

New setup:

girls love breakcore

New setup consisting off a simple 25 keycontroller (with knobs xD) and a edirol PCR, soon to be joined by a 300 watt amplifier and a 3 channel mixer. Ow goodie I've got myself stoked xD

Current Setup + future plans ghihihihi

so yeah, thats about it

new tune, freaking listen to it

Because destroying beats, leads to a free mind

Remember kids,
Drugs ruin your life
Except if your a musician.

I got a 25 keycontroller with 16 encoder buttons, 16 programmable knobs, 3 modwheels and nice blue leds which light up when you press the correct button (which is really why I got it xD) So get ready to hear some crazy tunes coming up soon, also working on a 10 minute Electro minimix.


2008-01-07 13:30:47 by BacterialBag

So I was wondering

Where is the breakcore section on newgrounds 0.o

What I am about to do....??

2008-01-05 08:51:41 by BacterialBag