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who's got the keycontroller,,, I GOT THE KEYCONTROLLER :D:D:D:D

2008-01-28 07:49:48 by BacterialBag

I got a 25 keycontroller with 16 encoder buttons, 16 programmable knobs, 3 modwheels and nice blue leds which light up when you press the correct button (which is really why I got it xD) So get ready to hear some crazy tunes coming up soon, also working on a 10 minute Electro minimix.


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2008-01-29 15:26:10

Comment that excites you on the outside, but disappoints you on the inside.

BacterialBag responds:

you lost me there 0.o


2008-02-17 03:10:12

people cant keep their attention on one song for ten minutes! are you mad?!

BacterialBag responds:

no, i'm mental, and I wont upload it to here, since the file size is too big. But a minimix means it doesn't stay the same for more then 1 minute, so it doesnt get repetitive, which leads to loss of attention,.